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Manifestation doesn't require gadgets, tools, or superstitious rituals.  It's a science.
Have you felt frustrated with how long it's taking to manifest your dream life? 

I used to feel the same way.  

I had dozens of daily practices designed to help me manifest my best life, but at the end of the day I was still broke, single and lonely, and dreadfully unhappy.  But then I learned something...
It happened in a funny way, actually.

I broke my foot when I kicked a patch of snow on my balcony to dislodge one of my son's toys.  I didn't realize that the snow had several inches of ice underneath and CRACK... 

I broke my foot on impact.

The timing wasn't great...

I was a single parent with almost full custody of my son.  I didn't know how I'd chase my very active toddler around our two-story house with a broken foot.  I lived alone... so I needed to heal quickly.

I'll tell you how I healed in just a moment, but first let's swing back to that detail I mentioned about living alone...

I didn't just live alone, but I was recently heartbroken when the love of my life left.  Living in the middle of a mountain town with barely any men under 60 who weren't ski bums... I'll be honest with you: I thought I'd spend the rest of my days alone. 

It gets worse...

When my lover left, I made a series of bad business decisions that didn't just cost me my entire life savings, but they actually destroyed a business I had been working on for two years.  I was back where I started, only without a safety net to rely on.

So here I am, hobbling around a home I couldn't afford that my lover just abandoned with a tiny toddler in my care.
  • I was Broken-hearted
  • My Business Was Failing
  • And Now, Even My Foot Was Broken
I was hobbling and convulsing with pain so much that I threw out my back the same weekend; now I had a slipped disk.

It hurt too much to sit down in a chair, but standing felt impossible because I had a broken foot and I didn't have the money to get a boot or even visit a doctor.

"I knew I would need a miracle, or I might not make it through the winter..."
I began to tell my friends I needed help, fast.

Problem was, I lived in the middle of nowhere and I didn't have any friends close by to help with my son.

I needed a miracle.

I had read about manifestation before, but I couldn't stuff my bra with enough crystals to elicit a smile on my face, let alone a miracle.

I began chanting and repeating mantras in the mirror; but it felt forced.  

I meditated, but I couldn't stay focused.  It felt like a waste of time.

That's when a friend told me to start with the brain if I wanted to manifest healing.

She said, "you don't have a manifestation problem.  You have a brain problem.  None of your rituals or routines are going to work if you don't know how to harness the power of your mind." 

This friend wasn't just blowing smoke up my arse, she was a real healer.  She helped men and women who had injuries resulting from things like ski accidents to heal their bodies through a specific series of brain hacking tools.  

She took me to see her mentor, a woman who helped literally make the lame to walk; a healer who invoked her power through mental intention. 

She had even just been featured on The Today Show for her work helping her formerly paralyzed patients walk after years, sometimes decades.  This brain expert gave me a special 7-part formula to manifestation...

So I went home and began using her manifestation tools... they were so different from what I'd formerly understood manifestation to be...
And just four hours later, my body began miraculously healing itself before my eyes...
You'll read the entire story in The Manifesting Mind Boook, which I'm offering today when you click the various purple buttons on this page.

In The Manifesting Mind, you'll learn the entire seven-step formula as well as the critical healing meditation I used to begin manifesting a healthy, happy life in just four hours.

But there's more...

Since you are interested in manifesting your best body as well as your best bank account, happiness, and love life...

I should tell you a little more about what happened after I learned how to manifest.

I didn't return to the failed business, but I started TWO brand new profitable businesses both as CEO of Manifesting Secrets as well as a Conscious Publishing Company under my name.

Now, I'm able to bring in approximately 400-1100% MORE income doing something I love.

Why is that? 

When you learn how to manifest your best life through brain training, your entire life will enter into alignment with your soul's calling.
  • Suddenly my business began to flourish after years of struggling and suffering
  • ​My body became more effortlessly healthy
  • ​I learned how to emotionally regulate, even when my toddler was throwing tantrums!
  • ​I began to have more intimate love relationships and drew clearer boundaries with people who weren't positive for my life, which filled me with more love, more intimacy, and more time!
  • ​I began to take greater pleasure in the world around me as my brain became wired for more happiness!
Do you want this level of manifestation power in your life? 

It's time.

You deserve this! 
Stephanie Pierucci
But wait...

Don't forget that manifestation isn't a one-time pill you pop...

It's a lifestyle. 

Today, since you're investing in yourself with The Manifesting Mind Book, I want to offer you even more.
Manifestation is a muscle, and I'm going to teach you how to train it to make love, wealth, health, and happiness more effortless...
Discover the Secrets Every Successful Person Needs to Manifest...
It starts with exercising your mind muscles...
Here's what you'll read about in The Manifesting Mind.
CHAPTER 1: Learning to Manifest
Turn Bad Stories Into EPIC DREAMS by...
Learning how to begin using the parts of your brain that once sabotaged your life..
CHAPTER 2: What is Consciousness?
What does it mean to be "conscious"?
It's not ordinal; it doesn't mean you're better than another person, but it means that you've harnessed the power of your energy body to vibrate with higher states of love, peace, equanimity, non-judgment, and even enlightenment; and I'll show you exactly how.
CHAPTER 3: The Laws of Nature
When manifestation feels hard, it's because we're using outdated methods that actually go against the Laws of Nature.
You will know how to harmonize your energy and body to manifest more effortlessly, with the entire force of the Universe on your side.
Send Me Your Address...
I'd like to rush a copy of my brand new paperback book to your doorstep, ASAP!
Simply provide us with your shipping address, and we'll send it anywhere in the world! If you would prefer to listen to the audiobook, I also have it for sale for a small fee once you put your details in below...
What My Clients Are Saying About Manifesting Secrets
Kyson K.
"Stephanie has provided one of the single biggest impacts to my business this year- both in strategy and staffing.  She has a way of seeing hinderances and finding the EASIEST way to overcome all barriers."
Mark M.
Stephanie’s story is real, raw and full of positive energy! I will revisit this book often as a motivating and practical resource for manifesting! 
Joseph D.
"Steph's the real deal! ... I would not even have believed in my own soul calling."
Jenna W.
It's all the inspiration and information I was looking for. Wonderful and helpful info I can use on the daily.
The Reviews Are In...
The Manifesting Mind is "rocket fuel" to your manifestation dreams.
Send Me Your Address...
I'd like to rush a copy of my brand new paperback book to your doorstep, ASAP!
The Manifesting Mind Book Mockup
Simply provide us with your shipping address, and we'll send it anywhere in the world! If you would prefer an E-book, I also have it for sale for a small fee once you put your details in below...
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Manifesting Secrets Bundle
BONUS #1: Rewiring Your Mind for Wealth
Grow from "just making it" to "Millionaire" with superb mind-tweaks... 
from expert behavioral psychologist Blair Dunkley. 
Total Value: $297
Rewiring Your Mind for Wealth
In a study with over 1,000 individuals conducted through Manifesting Secrets, 60% of participants agreed that they want to manifest more money above all else. We've got you! Enjoy this Money Manifestation class with the brilliant behavioral psychologist Blair Dunkley. He has been attributed to taking companies to a billion dollar level with his Mind and Money Brain Mastery tricks!
Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Manifesting Mind Today! 
BONUS #2: The Healing Meditation
Switch-on your body's self-healing mechanism with this meditation technique...
while putting you into a state of rest and digest, where neuroplasticity is strongest!
Total Value: $47
Meditations taken from some of the most prolific teachers of ancient meditation secrets as well as progressive neuroscientists, this meditation is designed to connect your entire Being with the healthiest version of you.
Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Manifesting Mind Today! 
BONUS #3: Using the Law of Attraction
Step Up from Mere Wishful Thinking and Make the Law of Attraction Work for You!
Total Value: $197
The Law of Attraction is step one for most those who want to learn how to manifest more abundance to their lives through emitting vibrations that attract more abundance to our lives.  Most people do it totally wrong. In this video you will learn how to make it really work for you!
Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Manifesting Mind Today! 
Now the only question is this: 
  • Are you ready to have a dramatic shift in your manifestation power right now?
  • ​Are you excited to begin living with more peace and happiness no matter what is going on around you?
  • Are you ready to turn on your body's self-healing superpowers?
  • ​Can you imagine what your relationships will look like when you learn about our Love Manifestation Secrets?
  • ​Do you want to go from perplexed to purposeful, using and even monetizing your greatest strengths and God-Given gifts?
"The Manifesting Mind is your unfair advantage to receiving everything you want in life."
The Manifestation Mind is loaded with stories of how REAL students of mine have manifested anything from: 
  • Epic love relationships and soulmates
  • ​7-fgure Salaries
  • "Hidden Money" lying right under your nose, waiting to be claimed!
  • ​Healing from addiction and depression
  • ​Freedom from bad habits and past trauma
"Make Manifestation Fun and Effortless"
  • Manifest in Less Time: Order The Manifesting Mind today and learn how to Manifest in Minutes!
  • Science PLUS Spirituality: Now you can make the proven, reliable science of manifestation a part of your spiritual practice; they work together in tandem.
  • Create Permanent Results: Changing your brain makes manifestation effortless, and permanent! 
"The Manifesting Mind is where science meets spirituality."
Using the scientific principles of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and quantum physics, you will enhance magnificently increase your body's peak performance, relationships, and happiness.

Best of all, The Manifesting Mind demystifies the science of manifestation in an easy-to-understand package that anybody can start using today.

You don't have to be a great yogi or athlete to incorporate your whole body into your manifestation practice.

The Manifesting Mind is unique because it's the world's first Manifestation Tool designed to help you incorporate your whole body into manifestation.

Did you know that gentle movements and breathwork can help light your entire mind on fire for manifestation, helping you remain peaceful in the present moment while helping you connect more closely to your dream life?

The Manifesting Mind will illustrate 7 Unique Principles to begin manifesting today, including: 
  • How to Meditate the *right* way, in just 5 minutes daily!
  • How to relieve stress that attracts more negativity into our lives
  • How to turn our bodies into peak performance, self-healing machines! 
  • How to use your breath to take full control of your mind... and money!
  • How to move your body gently and effectively to connect you to Source
  • How to manifest more abundance and prosperity in less time
  • How to change your internal language so that your thoughts nourish your soul instead of torment you
The Manifesting Mind + Bonuses
Manifesting Secrets Bundle
Here's My "You've Gotta Be Crazy!" Guarantee
  • BONUS 1 - Rewiring Your Mind for Wealth (Valued at $297): Learn how successful men and women have gone from employees to empire-builders by making simple mindset tweaks.
  • ​BONUS 2 - The Healing Meditation (Valued at $47): Allow my comforting words to guide your body into a state of self-healing and rest so that you will sleep better, maintain a higher level of emotional intelligence, and help your body heal while you sleep.
  • BONUS 3 - The Science Behind the Law of Attraction (Valued at $197): Most people do the Law of Attraction all wrong; and it causes shame and despair.  Now we will unlock together secrets to making the Law of Attraction finally work for you! 
Total Bonus Value: $541!
Get Your Copy Today For...
 $27 In US ($37 Int'l)
This Book is Selling Like Crazy...
And I'd Hate to Run Out of Copies Before You Get One!
So take action today, and I look forward to hearing your success story in the near future :)


Stephanie Pierucci

P.S. Apparently I’m not the only person who skips to the end of letters haha, so if you’re like me then here’s what you missed in a nutshell:
  • Get the 'Manifesting Mind' Book : You Only Pay $27 In US ($37 Int'l)
  • ​BONUS 1 - Rewiring Your Mind for Wealth ($297): Get the Money Manifestation Masterclass with behavioral psychologist Blair Dunkley, who has developed over 40 years of Mind Models to help you manifest wealth fast.
  • BONUS 2 - The Healing Meditation ($47): Lie down under a soft blanket while my words guide you in a manifestation meditation designed to help your body heal while you sleep!
  • BONUS 3 - Make the Law of Attraction Work For You ($197): Learn about why the Law of Attraction hasn't worked for you in the past, and how to make small, easy adjustments based off scientific revelations to attract more abundance into your life today.
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